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An Innovative GPS Global Positioning System Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions

To be a technology leader in Africa providing innovative solutions to improve the

quality and safety of human life.


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Cargo and vehicle tracking is the ability to trace goods, their containers, and their conveyances from the point of origin to their destination. Tracking is increasingly associated with information transfer using smarter tools such as radio frequency identification devices and global positioning systems. . >>

RFID Technology

Radio frequency identification devices (RFID) are low-cost tags that assist in the tracking of goods and vehicles. These devices are placed on individual items and can either be active, i.e., constantly emitting a radio frequency signal; or passive, i.e., only emitting a signal when queried by an outside source.

In order to track goods, readers (either hand-held or fixed) need to be installed to track and record the numbers from the RFID devices affixed to each product or container. Installation of these readers, however, adds additional costs which would be assumed by the shipper or passed along to the consumer/end user.  .  >>


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Welcome to Admiral Engineering Technology.
Our Vision and  Our Mission

Admiral Engineering Technology PLC is a pioneer company in Ethiopia for real time GPS Location and tracking products. We design and produce our products in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Our hardware & software solutions allow customers to improve productivity by enabling the effective management of their vehicles, mobile workers, assets, goods and services. We provide the best solution for transport agencies, Law enforcement and other public and private sectors


Admiral Technologies is a company that produces visionary, innovative, reproducible products for emerging markets that combine elegant designs, unique style, and technical superiority for ultimate performance. We are dedicated to technical excellence and extraordinary customer service. We strive to do good work in a good working environment, where employees are treated with respect and trust to produce the Engineering best quality possible with the best possible attitudes.



Our Vision
We bring value innovation and growth to your business

To be a technology leader in Africa providing innovative solutions to improve the quality and safety of human life.

Our Mission

Admiral is dedicated to enhancing the value of employees, drivers and fleet by providing real-time data communication, Global Positioning System Tracking and Fleet Management tools that increase revenue, productivity, communication and drive down the total cost of fleet ownership. Along with the latest telemetric technology we create innovative solutions to make our community a safer place, bringing solutions to social areas for the elderly, handicapped, child security and parole monitoring systems and with the goal of becoming the country’s premier provider of RFID technology and integration service for the Cargo trucking, retail market, shrink management and merchandise-visibility.